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My name is Maria. I'm an Interdisciplinary bilingual UX/UI designer with a background in illustration, and experience managing digital brand assets and overseeing creative post production processes.

I was born in Colombia, and went to art school, where I focused on Art History and Art Theory. I also have a Masters of Fine Art in Illustration.

So, how come I ended up in UX/UI? Well, working as an illustrator, I got the tools to understand how having a visual part in a project can improve the result 100%. Also, being a part of creative and operations teams in big companies gave me the tools to truly understand processes and achieve results that would resonate with consumers, as well as helping their businesses exceed their goals.

My favorite...

Movies: As a creative person, I lean towards movies with breathtaking art direction and production design, such as Amelie, Lemony Snicket, The King’s Speech and The Grand Budapest Hotel.

Podcasts: The Lisa Congdon Sessions, and my latest guilty pleasure The Office Ladies.

Books: Show Your Work by Austin Kleon, History of Beauty by Umberto Eco, You Are A Badass by Jen Sincero.

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